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Sensuel et Marquant

For lovers of refined torture.

BDSM craftsmanship for your spicy pleasures.


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sensuel et marquant boutique artisan bdsm vampire flogger
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About us

Sensuel et Marquant

Welcome to a world of piquant sensations, where all your senses will be heightened.

Pleased to meet you, I’m La Dame, Dominatrix for over 10 years, purveyor of sensations, and creator of this handcrafted brand.

Always on the lookout for new sensual pleasures, I decided to create new instruments myself, respecting certain principles that were dear to me:

Originality, quality and aesthetics

All the BDSM items in the store are designed to give you the best possible experience.

  • The paddles are made of thick, durable wood.
  • The floggers are made of full-grain leather, jute rope or quality pvc.
  • Low-temperature candles are made of non-ogm European soy wax and UV-reactive dyes.
  • The paracord whips are made of choice fibers
  • Whenever possible, all metal used is stainless steel

Handcrafted creations

All BDSM creations offered in this store are handmade.

  • The whips are woven over several days, with a total of 4 layers.
  • The paddles are cut on a scroll saw, with a hand-finish using sandpaper.
  • The leather is cut with a rotary cutter, fixed with a special glue, then nailed if necessary.
  • The wax for the candles is melted in a bain-marie with the chosen colorants, then poured with a cotton wick into suitable molds.

An ethical approach

Ethical materials are used wherever possible.

  • The wood used for paddles, finger stocks, back straighteners, knives and feathers comes mainly from old furniture. It is carefully sanded, trimmed and refurbished. It is given a new life, with its share of history.
  • The wood used for our hazel canes is hand-harvested in autumn in the surrounding area. It respects the plant’s cycle and is transported on foot.
  • Low-temperature candle wax is European and guaranteed GMO-free
  • Wherever possible, the leather used for the floggers is sourced from end-of-stock tanneries. And it’s used right down to the scraps, notably for making the spanking roses.
sensuel et marquant paddle vampire acrylique dominatrice ladame

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BDSM Candles

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What is BDSM?

What is BDSM?

Learn the basics of BDSM and its various doctrines: SSC, RACK, PRICK, CCC and 4Cs.

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