Bear claws

Scratching is a classic of exacerbated eroticism, in BDSM they reveal their full potential.
Explore primal and sensory play, and awaken your partner’s senses with these claws.

Every bear claws

How to use bear claws

What is a bear claw in BDSM?

A bear claw is the accessory of choice in BDSM, and can be used by novices as well as the experienced. The variety of possible sensations and the level of their intensity are immense.
Less well known than the typical Wartenberg roulette, they are more impressive and quickly arouse curiosity.

What’s the place of bear claws in BDSM?

  • In primal play : Bear claws are often used to evoke an even more animal and wild aspect.
  • In sensation play : Claws increase sexual tension, and sharpen the skin’s sensitivity to other sensations.
  • In Sadism and Masochism : Bear claws are used to provoke various levels of pain, and to leave beautiful red marks on the skin.

What sensations do scratches bring?

Many people find scratching extremely erotic, and some react strongly to the right kind of scratch in the right place.
Talk it over with your partner, and try it out gradually.

What is primal in BDSM?

A primal person likes to unleash their animal side, or behave in a primitive way during shared consensual moments.
This type of role is associated with instinctive desires and behaviors. This may include scratching, biting, fighting, hunting and other instinctive animal behavior.
There’s not necessarily a dominance/submission relationship in primal.
Some people see themselves more as the prey (Primal Prey), others as the predator (Primal Predator), both roles, or neither, depending on the dynamic that’s created.

How to use bear claws in BDSM?

Held firmly in your palm, use bear claws as an extension of your hand.
With the sharpened claws replacing your fingernails, slide them over your partner’s skin, gently or more intensely.
For stronger scratches, press down before yanking.

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