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BDSM Spanking & Whipping

BDSM Paddles

sensuel et marquant boutique artisan bdsm paddle cathedrale detail

BDSM Canes

sensuel et marquant boutique artisan bdsm badine triple bois

BDSM Floggers


Spanking Roses

rose en cuir bordeaux

BDSM Strikers


Paracord Whips

fouet bdsm court phosphorescent

BDSM Scratching

Bear Claws

griffes primales, pattes d'ours brunes

BDSM Knives


BDSM Feathers

sensuel et marquant boutique artisan bdsm plume courte

BDSM Candles

Blacklight Candles
lot de bougies bdsm basse température uv réactives
Ultra low-temperature Candles

Other accessories

cale doigts bdsm "finger stocks"
BDSM Clamps
sensuel et marquant boutique artisan bdsm pinces zipper ouvert
Submissive Collars
collier de soumission bdsm inox et or (copie)

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What is BDSM ?

BDSM stands for Bondage, Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism. It’s a practice, sexual or otherwise, that involves a search for physical and/or psychological sensations. Bondage encompasses not only the best-known practice, Shibari, of tying another person up with ropes, but also any type of physical constraint using various objects. Discipline encompasses the practices of “dressage” and strict rules. The idea of constraint is mental in this case. Practices can be as diverse and varied as your imagination. Domination and submission refers to the fact that one person consciously has a certain ascendancy over another who is willing and aware of this ascendancy. Sadism and Masochism refer to loving to inflict pain, or loving to feel it. The forms of suffering are very varied, from physical to psychological, from mild to very intense.  

What’s the point of BDSM?

The main benefit of BDSM is to experience intense sensations and emotions, between consenting partners. It also allows you to communicate more openly and share your desires. You’ll learn to understand each other better, and to share a strong sense of intimacy, while fulfilling your kinks.  

BDSM accessories

There’s a huge range of accessories to take your fantasies and intimate play to the next level. Some are quite soft, while others are really intense. To help you out, Sensuel et Marquant suggests you take a look at the Levels of Pain, classified according to their intensity and your own level.
For spanking
The most classic accessories for spanking are paddles, canes and floggers. But you can also try out more unusual instruments, such as paracord whips, les leather roses, or hammers, also known as ferulas.
For bondage
The best-known bondage tools are shibari ropes, but you can also constrain with handcuffs and chains, with a vacbed, or in the spirit of English education, with a back straightener and finger stocks.
For warmth
Les Low-temperature candles are a BDSM must-have, allowing you to explore a wide range of sensations. To try them out without risk, we offer ultra-low-temperature candles, skin-friendly and made with 100% natural ingredients.
For new sensations
BDSM really lets you explore sensations you wouldn’t otherwise experience. If you’re an experimentalist at heart, clawing accessories such as knives, feathers, bear claws and zipper clips will open the door to new sensations.
For submission
Consensual submission brings out particularly strong emotions. And the submission necklace, which will be given by the Dominant person, will represent this extremely strong bond that binds you together like never before.  

Why choose handcrafted BDSM accessories?

The instruments you use during your practices will quickly become very important to you, and to the person with whom you use them. Choosing an accessory that will be with you for many years, and whose quality has been particularly meticulous, will enable you to make the pleasure last, and realize all your fantasies. The customization that can be provided by a craftsman will also give you exactly what you were looking for, with all the artistry and expertise of a person who has dedicated his know-how to making this instrument.
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