Submissive collars

The submissive collar is an indispensable part of Domination/submission.
It represents the BDSM bond, and the protection of a Dominant person towards her submissive partner.
Or it marks the sign of a personne soumise.

All submissive collars

What is Domination/submission?

Domination/submission, or D/s, is a consensual BDSM practice or relationship mode.
One person will have the Dominant “role”, and will command, give orders and ensure the protection of the other.
One person will have the Submissive “role”, and will obey, trying to please the other.
Some people are called “Switch”, and can take on both roles, alternately or depending on the person.

What is a submissive collar?

The submission collar is one of the great classics of BDSM, serving both to show one’s status as a submissive, and one’s bond with the Dominant person.
It’s especially important when given by the Dominant.

What role does the submissive collar play in BDSM?

The necklace is mainly used in Domination/submission. It symbolizes the strong bond between the dominant and the submissive.
It is sometimes used only at BDSM parties or in private. Or worn all the time.

How to choose the right submissive collar?

-Choosing the right size.

Make sure you take into account the size of the neck that will be wearing it, and think about whether you want it loose or very tight.

-Choosing the collar’s material

Think about what this necklace means to you.
If you want it to be worn often, choose a durable material like stainless steel.
If you want it to be worn occasionally, leather is a classic.

-Choosing a padlockable or non-padlockable necklace

A necklace can have various fasteners to close it, so you may want a padlockable option.

Why choose a handcrafted submissive collar?

As the collar has an important symbolic value, you want it to be unique for your submissive.
With the quality she deserves, and the care you’ll take in choosing it.
A craftsman will be able to answer your questions, personalize the necklace, and make it just right for you.

What are the different submissive collars?

-The consideration collar.

The necklace of consideration is offered by a Dominant person planning to become Master or Mistress of a submissive person.

-The protective collar

The protective collar can be given by a Dominant person who undertakes to protect a submissive person, especially at parties.

-The permanent collar

The permanent necklace is worn all the time. It’s generally more discreet, and symbolizes the constant D/s link between the Dominant and Submissive person.

-The play collar

The play collar is worn only when you want to play Domination/submission punctually, or mark a more intense D/s moment.

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