Low-temperature candles

Low-temperature candles are widely used in erotic and sensual practices, particularly in BDSM, where they provide hot, pungent sensations.

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How to use low-temperature candles

What are low-temperature candles?

BDSM candles, also known as low-temperature candles, are candles created specifically for erotic sensory practices.
Their very low melting point means you can enjoy Wax Play without burning yourself, provided you take the necessary precautions.

How do low-temperature candles feel?

The sensations provoked by low-temperature candles are hot and prickly, and can evoke fleeting burns or gentle tingling.
The sensation is surprising and unique.
For very low-temperature candles, their melted texture remains very liquid, allowing them to be spread on the skin.

What role do candles play in BDSM?

Low-temperature candles are a classic in eroticism in general, and BDSM in particular. They provide intense sensations and emotions.
Used for Sadism and Masochism, or for sensory play, they can be combined with knife play to remove the wax sensually.

How to choose a low-temperature candle?

-Choosing the candle’s intensity level

First of all, you’ll need to determine with your partner the potential pain level of the candle you’d like to acquire.

-Choosing candle material

Candles can be made from a variety of materials.

It’s best to know exactly what candles are made of, and avoid candles that aren’t made for this purpose.
In fact, some ingredients may not be suitable for decorative candles, as they may raise the temperature of the candle, increasing the risk of burns, or may be allergenic.
Choose the simplest ingredients that are well tolerated by the skin.

Wax composition can be :
  • Chemical: derived from petroleum, as in the case of kerosene wax.
  • Natural: derived from plants, as in the case of soy and rapeseed.
-Choosing candle temperature

Depending on their composition, candle temperature can vary greatly. Avoid candles with too high a melting point, which can cause burns.

-Choosing candle shape

The shape of the candle will change the way you use it.
Candle-shaped candles are generally used to produce a drip.
Large candles, or candles in a container, are generally used for dripping.

How to use a low-temperature candle

Once the candle is lit, melt a little wax and test the temperature.
If you’re happy with the temperature, you can gently drip the wax onto your partner, avoiding puddles of wax, especially in the hollows of the body.
The wax would then take too long to cool down and risk burning the skin.

Enjoy the moment with your partner, then remove the wax.

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