Sensuel et Marquant

Discover the artisanal workshop where all the brand’s BDSM accessories are made.
Find out more about La Dame, the designer, and the values behind Sensuel et Marquant.

The creator

La Dame, Lifestyle dominatrix for more than 10 years, extremely sadistic and purveyor of sensations.
With my submissive and companion toubib at my side, as well as my slave, French.
I often take part in parties and munchings in and around Paris.

Having always sought a certain quality in the instruments I used, and to explore ever more possible sensations, I quickly realized that the offer was then rather limited.

Skilled with my hands, I decided to create my own instruments, and given the craze they generated, to market them.

sensuel et marquant boutique artisan bdsm paddle vampire dominatrice


All leather is worked by hand, from whole hides or offcuts, to use every possible part.

Hammering for customization is also done entirely by hand.

It takes time to learn how to work with this material, but the craftsmanship and attention to detail are second to none in terms of quality and final finish.
Because you deserve the best.


All wood is worked by hand, using woodworking tools and instruments.

The wood used comes from old furniture, in an ecological approach, they bring to the accessories a history and a soul.

Particular attention is paid to wood selection, preparation and final polishing.
But also to the varnish used for the finish.

Candle making

The candles are made in the workshop, and melted in a bain-marie.
The wax used in their manufacture has been carefully selected, and is made from skin-friendly non-ogm soy.

The melting temperature is tested regularly, ensuring the utmost safety for your wax sets.

Whip braiding

All whips are entirely hand-braided in paracord.
They require 3 braids on a stainless steel ball core.

The paracord used is specially chosen for its durability, and is easy to clean.

sensuel et marquant boutique artisan bdsm fabrication fouet

Sensuel et Marquant values


One of the really important things at Sensuel et Marquant is to offer you a choice of rare accessories that you won’t find anywhere else.
But we also offer you special sensations, designed to provide you with varied and intense pleasures.

Here, you’ll always find colorful instruments. Browse through the different categories, and you’re bound to be surprised.


Quality is paramount for the brand, and all raw materials are carefully selected for their durability and respect for the human body.

The wood used is thick, the metal is mostly stainless steel, and the leather is resistant.

All BDSM accessories have been tried and tested, and I’ve personally used all prototypes to make sure they really last.


To fully satisfy you, it’s also important to provide accessories with a well-crafted aesthetic, awakening the senses as soon as you take them out of your paraphernalia.

So it’s important for the brand to offer you a well-crafted aesthetic.


The materials used to create our BDSM accessories are ethically chosen.
The hazelnut badines are made from hazel that I hand-harvest locally.
The wood used for the paddles, feathers and knives comes from old furniture, in a spirit of recycling that gives them a whole history.
Stainless steel is used for durability.
And the leather used comes as much as possible from offcuts, and is used as much as possible.

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