What is CNC ?

You may have heard of this practice, which raises many questions and even frightens those who don’t practice it.

CNC is part of BDSM for its consensual power play aspect.

What exactly is CNC?

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CNC stands for Consensual Non Consent.

The principle is to simulate one or more non-consensual acts.
It’s important to note that what we’re talking about here is simulation: the consent of all parties involved will have been discussed and given before proceeding.
It is therefore a consensual practice, as the name suggests.

How to ensure consent in CNC practice?

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Before setting up a CNC scene, it’s very important to communicate clearly and openly about your own desires, those of the other person, and the limits of each.
Take the time to go over everything that might raise a question, what’s allowed and what’s not. The clearer you are about the issue, the more likely you are to be able to plan the CNC with the least possible risk.
Once you know what you and your partner want, it’s a good idea to define a safeword, meaning that something is wrong, or that you can’t consent to what’s going on.
Even if you have consented before, it’s important to be able to say stop if, at that moment, it’s no longer possible for you.
The same goes for your partner.
It’s possible that, despite discussion, the actual practice makes you too uncomfortable, in which case you can stop and discuss it afterwards. You can always start again later, once you’ve clarified things.

Who is the CNC for?

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CNC doesn’t have a definite gender; there’s usually one person on top, the other on the bottom, but it’s also possible to switch.
CNC is more of an advanced practice, in the sense that you need to have good communication beforehand, to have defined strict limits, and a safeword if necessary.

What are the dangers of CNC?

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The dangers will depend on the practices that may be associated with it, such as restraints, intense sex, breath play, etc…
You’ll need to take into account all the dangers associated with each practice added to CNC as such, and be doubly vigilant, since the game is to simulate a non-consenting person, who may therefore struggle or send a lot of contradictory signals.

The main danger of CNC itself is psychological.
As the game can simulate a rape, or a situation involving the bottom, you’ll need to be careful to avoid any psychological damage, trauma, reawakening of trauma or sideration.
If it’s your first time, start gently. There’s no point in rushing into things.
Both people can be affected, whether Top or Bottom.

How do you set up a CNC scene?

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Once you’ve talked to your partner about what you want, your limits and your safewords, you can decide when your CNC scene takes place.
Plan a place that makes you feel comfortable enough to express yourself, and safe enough both physically and psychologically.
Put as many favorable parameters on your side as possible.
Then you can get started, preferring to take it easy the first time, and debrief afterwards, to take it further if that’s what you want.

What aftercare after CNC?

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Aftercare is very important after a psychologically intense practice like this one.
Take the time to get together, let your emotions flow and discuss what happened.
Don’t hesitate to discuss it again later, the next day for example, when emotions have subsided.

In conclusion, CNC is an ill-regarded practice because of its association with rape, but it’s far from that: it’s a way of exploring one’s kinks and sexuality while remaining within a serene and consensual framework.

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