Spanking roses

Spanking roses are exceptional BDSM accessories, created to offer you intoxicating sensations.
The queen of flowers is sure to find a place of choice in your BDSM practices.

How to use spanking roses

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What is a BDSM spanking rose?

Spanking roses were specially invented for use in BDSM practices. Blending romance, sweetness and pain, they are highly representative of heightened sensuality.

What BDSM gift to give on Valentine’s Day?

Roses are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Considered the Queen of flowers, they have their own legend.

According to mythology, it was created by Chloris, who made it spring from the lifeless body of a nymph, to pay homage to her by transforming it into a unique flower.
The gods and goddesses of Olympus endowed her with exceptional qualities. Aphrodite gave her beauty, Dionysus gave her delicious perfume and the three Graces gave her joy, radiance, charm and grace. Apollo named her Queen of Flowers.

For centuries, the rose has enchanted those who receive it, and in BDSM, its association with leather sublimates it.

Leather roses for a Dominatrix?

What more beautiful flower to offer a Queen, than the Queen of flowers herself. A symbol of Aphrodite, she’ll look her best to a Dominatrix when presented on her knees as an offering.

Sublime, but also very useful, spankings given with a leather rose quickly heat up the buttocks and the spirits.

How to use flower language in BDSM?

The language of flowers lets you reveal what you think of the person you’re offering them to.

Find out on each page of the different rose colors what they mean, to communicate your passion as accurately as possible.


How to use a spanking rose for BDSM?

Sensual and Marquant leather roses are used like canes or crops, with the wooden stem to receive the impact, and the rose firmly attached for pleasant spanking.
Leather roses fall somewhere between these two instruments, but above all they create a very special sensation that you won’t find with a crop or a cane, thanks to their exceptional manufacture, which required a great deal of research, for your greater pleasure.

They are held at the end of the shaft, and used with a supple movement of the wrist, projecting the roses onto your partner’s skin, heating it and making it blush.

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